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Sodalite Merkaba

Sodalite Merkaba- Sodalite enhances thinking, intelligence, emotional balance and higher knowledge allowing us to connect to Spirit and Intuition. 1″ square


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Sodalite  Merkaba:  MERKABA Mer means Light, Ka means Spirit Ba means Body Merkaba…also spelled Merkabah…is the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. The Mer-Ka-ba is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel. Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit/Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light (wheels within wheels), which is a vehicle to transport Spirit/Body from one dimension into another.
The crystal is shaped in 2 star tetrahedrons. We all have a merkaba field around us. One just has to activate it to connect with the higher dimensions. To deepen your meditation and balance your energy, hold a merkaba in your hand during meditation, or use a merkaba pendulum for guidance and healing.

 Sodalite enhances   thinking, intelligence, emotional balance and higher knowledge. It allows us to observe the workings of the mind and connect beyond thought to Spirit and Intuition.

Approx 1 inch square.

Out of stock

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