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Support the Earth Bag Pavilion Project

We’ve been working for a year to create the perfect indoor Sanctuary at the Labyrinth Park. We value your support as we complete our Earth Bag Pavilion at the Otto Labyrinth Park. Please consider a small or large donation to this project.  Every little bit helps towards providing groups and individuals a place of peace, healing and love. Thank you!


Though not completely finished, the energy inside the Pavilion is incredible. Sitting within earthen walls, with the breeze flowing through the widows (to be screened and shuttered once the cobbing is completed, brings a sense of peace and grounding.

When completed the Pavilion will be used by individuals for reflection and meditation, by groups for family gatherings, weddings, and ceremony, by healers for Sound Healing experiences and concerts, and by groups for workshops, support groups, yoga and chi gong classes, and much more.

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