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Germanium Minerals Wellness Roller Wand

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin everywhere, from face to toes with this dry Germanium infused Golden roller. Charged aluminum alloy roller wand with 42 germanium minerals. Used in spas to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Germanium’s strong antioxidant properties may be even greater than the effect of vitamin C, vitamin E and COQ10.


The Wellness Roller is created with a proprietary technology where it is put in a chamber and infused with frequencies that resonate with the biofield of the body so when you roll it anywhere on the body your energy is enhanced that most people can feel an immediate shift in well being. Aches, pains and tension rolls away. Originally marketed in Japanese and Asian salons because when you roll it on your face, wrinkles and sagging chins disappear after a period of use.

How it Works

The effectiveness of Germanium Roller or Facial Roller Massager is based on Semi- Conductive properties of Germanium (99y, Medical grade). It can activate skin cells, improve skin metabolism, even out the skin tone, lift the face, get clear jaw line and reduce fat deposits. Our body has positive and negative bioelectrical currents essential for proper body functioning. Due to stress, overwork, lack of oxygen and sleep, the balance of positive and negative ions easily falls out of sync. Electronic devices, mobile phones, computers, generate harmful positive ions. Too many positive ions cause sicknesses, slow down the immune system and accelerate skin and body aging. However, negative ions facilitate delivery of oxygen to cells, stimulate body functions, improve blood circulation and increase the body’s natural healing ability. To balance the process and define the signs of aging, we have to find ways to compensate for negative ions.

Rollers with Germanium have been used in day spas for years to rejuvenate the skin on your face and reduce lines and wrinkles. Germanium’s strong antioxidant properties may be even greater than the effect of vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 in allowing Germanium to destroy harmful free radicals. Germanium can help activate enzymes, promotes cell metabolism, and protects skin against damaging ultraviolet light. Germanium facilitates transmission of oxygen across cellular membranes and increases blood oxygen content.
The Wellness Roller is approx. 7 inches long and may easily be used anywhere on the body that requires extra healing. It even functions as a acupressure tool and is excellent in all massage and body work. We are using it ourselves and invite you to order it today!”

Some Reported Benefits of the Wellness Roller

  • Ability of Germanium to produce negative ions helps to delay the aging process commonly accelerated by overproduction of positive ions.
  • The added acupressure functions of the device (due to the shape of the device and Germanium
  • grains) allow you to gradually-press key healing points, which stimulates the body’s natural self-curative abilities.
  • Improves fluid and blood circulation thus reducing puffiness and evening out skin tone.
  • Significantly improves new collagen production, skin elasticity and complexion.
  • The device has 48 chips of 99.99o/o germanium and emits over 200 mv of negative ion energy.
  • Small and elegant gadget can be carried around in a handbag, used ar home, in the office, in the car and even in the shower.
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