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Ether, Space

Sound Healing And Ether Element Balancing


Sound is a basis for our lives and in utero our sense of hearing develops first. In essence, we can hear our mother’s heartbeat, the rhythm of her breath and music if placed close to the womb.
Vocal tones, Tuning forks, Tibetan Bowls or Crystal Singing bowls all bring comfort and stress reduction to the person listening.

    • Research in Sound Therapy shows:
  • Physical changes occur, muscles relax, heart rate slows down and pain is minimized
  • Breathing deepens
  • Mind “chatter” is reduced
  • Helps analytical mind relax
  • Mental stress reduced

An Oncologist in New York City, Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.
(in hisbook The Healing Power of Sound) speaks of the use of crystal bowls to generate and maintain energy frequencies in the human body-mind system. He says our healthy human tissues are crystalline in nature and the bowl sounds resonate with the human body in a unique harmony.
Dr. Gaynor uses Crystal Singing Bowls, vocal toning and meditation in conjunction with his prescriptions for conventional Chemotherapy and Radiation. He has seen wonderful results (as documented in his book) from this seemingly simple addition of sound to conventional cancer treatments.

Sound therapy sessions are relaxing and very effective for creative energy balance. Many of the tools used for sound therapy can be intergrated into many other types of Therapy like Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Massage, or Mental Health Therapies.

There is a subtle shift that happens when we reintroduce Sound into the healthcare process- one that only a sound can accurately convey.
Reference Source: Isa Dollyhigh, MM, RPP, CPE Former Director of Healing Arts

Special Thank You to our friends at Holistic Health for sharing this article with us!

Ether (Space) Energy For Natural Healing And Well Being

Ether’s Basic Characteristics

The Ether element is the space or field from which all other elements arise. Dr. Stone describes it as the “one river from which the other four rivers arise”. Least dense of all the elements, Ether creates a unified field of subtle space for the movement of the other elements. The basic qualities of Ether are stillness, harmony and balance. It is the closest element in quality to the neutral center, or Source, and is the ground for manifestation of the mind-body complex. It’s chakra center is located at the throat and the neuter field of the neck is a manifestation of it.

In essence, Ether is the space where everything happens. A person who feels “pressured by time” has their ether out of balance. Ether in balance allows you to do everything with ease and without a sense of rushing or crowding.

Ether And The Emotions

Ether governs the mind and emotions and combines with other elements to create various qualities of emotion. Ether combines with itself in the Throat chakra, governing communication and the emotion of grief (ether in ether). As other elements interact with Ether, other emotions evolve in the lower chakras. Desire, in the heart chakra, represents a mixing of Air in Ether. Anger in the solar plexus is a combination of ether and fire. Lust in the pelvic area is ether and water, while Fear, located in the rectal area, is earth in ether.

Ether And The Body

In Polarity Healing, every joint is a neuter point of harmony, balance, a sense of going back to the source. Energy crosses over every joint, providing the space for movement. Ether also provides the space for movement within all body cavities and even within the body cells themselves. All body functions require space in which to perform. A tightening of space signifies lack of ether, while a feeling of “spaciness” indicates too much predominance of ether with respect to other elements.

Ether And Dis-Ease

The medical profession currently diagnoses a disease by placing a label on a complex set of physical signs and symptoms. This label “encapsulates” the problem and places it in a category in which mechanical and chemical means may be used to resolve the problem. Polarity Therapy recognizes areas of dis-ease, areas where energy is not flowing smoothly. Dr. Stone stated that “Causes are always in the Energy Field, never in Matter”. Lack of flow in the energy field may well invite dis-ease, however, it is a simple matter to encourage the energy to return to its natural, healthy state of flow. With this in mind, I now list potential dis-ease associated with the Ether element.

Problems in the following areas may indicate an imbalance of the Ether energies.

  • Sinus Congestion
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Abdominal Problems
  • Joint Problems
  • Throat Problems
  • Inability to Express Oneself
  • Hearing Problems, including ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and hearing loss

Balancing Ether Energy

Ether is the most essential, purest, most perfect element latent in all things. It is non-tangible, the fundamental space out of which all other elements occur. So how does one go about balancing this elusive element?

Your thumbs are Ether energy (as well as your big toes). To encourage the flow of ether over a particular joint, place the thumb of your right hand below the joint and the middle finger of your left hand above the joint. Gently allow the energy to flow between thumb and middle finger. (Note: This works on all joints except those of your arms – where you would need 3 hands to do this on yourself!). You may also activate Ether energy by making a fist with one hand and gently holding the thumb of your other hand inside. This sends energy to balance ether, spleen, stomach, and worry.

Use the “Space Button” to run the Ether energy up instead of down. “Sit” on your right hand by placing your right fingertips at the junction between the coccyx and the sacrum, the hard bony area at the base of the lower back. Place two fingertips of your left hand on the “moustache area” between the upper lip and nose. Massage gently with the two upper fingers and then hold. Breathe deeply, and imagine a movement of energy up the back and over the top of your head to the “moustache area”. Stop when you feel complete.

Ether Energy is also balanced by reminders in our environment of our connection to the openness and Space. Unique gifts of Sound Healing in this section of our website that have been specially selected to help you connect with Ether and Space in your life and include:



Balanced ether energy results in a “return to spirit”. And a return to spirit balances ether. Any meditative techniques will work well for this balance. Periods of quiet in which you follow your own energy back into the quiet core of your being will open and expand the Ether element in your body. Body follows mind. Think space…. Think balance…think stillness… think harmony. And after thinking them, feel them. Fee space…Feel balance…feel stillness…feel harmony. Feel your way into the spaciousness of Ether energy.

Polarity and the 5 elements is a vast subject. I hope these articles help orient you to the field. For further information refer to the following links and references.

© 2010 Jill N. Henry, Ed.D. PT, APP, all rights reserved


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And special thanks to my Polarity Teacher, Angela Plum, PhD, RPP, Academy of Natural Therapies, Marshall, NC

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