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Tuning forks for frequency, vibration and sound healing

Sound Healing and Tuning Forks – What’s the big deal?

Frequencies and Vibrations from a Tuning Fork illustration

Sound alters our biochemistry and enhances all energy therapy practices. Individuals use Tuning Forks to relieve everyday stress, as an aid to mental clarity, to enhance yoga and meditation, and as a pain management tool. Recent research also indicates that tuning forks spike nitric oxide, causing our cells to rhythmically puff, which is a universal source of health and well-being. Doctors, psychotherapists, massage therapists and energy practitioners use Tuning Forks to generally enhance all phases of their work as they provide direct experience of truly healing frequencies for body, mind and spirit

When I was a physical therapy intern at Fort Jackson US Army  basic training, I used a tuning fork to determine whether the soldier had a stress fracture of his/her tibia or just pulled muscles. Tuning forks have come a long way since then!

In the early 2000’s I completed training in Polarity Therapy and that was when I “met” tuning forks. Dr. John Beaulieu is a world-renowned speaker, composer, pianist, naturopathic doctor, and polarity therapist! He pioneered a technique called BioSonic Repatterning™, a natural method of healing and consciousness development using tuning forks and other sound modalities based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature. He says it best:

“People can be Tuned Like Musical Instruments”

“I discovered BioSonic Repatterning™ while sitting in an anechoic chamber at New York University. The chamber is a completely soundproof room that resembles a sensory deprivation chamber…I sat in an anechoic chamber for five hundred hours over a period of two years and listened to the sounds of my own body. I began to correlate different states of consciousness with the different sounds of my nervous system. Being a trained musician, I noticed that the high-pitched sounds of my nervous system consisted of several sounds in different intervals. Then one day I brought two tuning forks and tapped them. Immediately I observed that the sound of my nervous system came into resonance with the sound of the tuning forks. It was then I realized that people can be tuned like musical instruments!” More about John and biosonic Repatterning is at:

Sound Healing Includes Frequency and Intention

A second person that influenced my own experience with sound healing is Jonathan Goldman. I first heard of him in the late 1980’s with his CD’s (tapes back then) of Dolphin Dreams and Chakra Chants. Dolphin dreams is the most relaxing music I have heard (he created it for the birth of his child). In Chakra Chants he combined Sacred Vowel Sounds with the Bija Mantras, harmonically related diatonic scale, Shabda Yoga Sounds plus elemental sounds of nature. Goldman’s contribution to sound healing lies in the understanding that frequency is a way of measuring sound, a metaphor for the actual physical sound itself and intent is the energy behind the sound. In essence saying that sound healing must include intention as well as frequency to be effective. More about Jonathan Goldman is at:

Frequency and Vibration

We’ve been talking about frequency and vibration most of this year in these newsletters. A quick recap. Everything vibrates! The cells in our body vibrate. The wood in a tree vibrates. The crystalline structure of a crystal vibrates, the Earth vibrates. The rate or speed at which a particular “thing” vibrates at is called frequency. We talked in the April newsletter about the Schumann frequency of the Earth’s vibration and the finer, less dense vibrations of our physical body. Tuning Forks provide a direct experience of different vibratory patterns in an easy to carry, almost unbreakable, easy to use manner. Both John and Jonathan have a different approach in using the tuning forks and both arrive at the same end – to influence the body’s vibration in a positive manner that allows optimal functioning of the immune system and of every cell.

Types of Tuning Forks

Tuning forks of different frequencies, when tapped together, create a third frequency. Holding one on either side of your head after tapping them allow this third frequency to vibrate your brain and throughout your body. It goes like this in Polarity Therapy Terms.

If you are feeling listless, tired, hard to think, you need more Air element. Tapping C and G tuning forks together creates rising energy and stimulates Air. Or if you are angry or anxious and need to calm down, tapping C & E together creates calming descending energy. 

There are also body tuners, with large “heads” that allow you to apply the stem directly on body parts for pain relief and spot stimulation.

You can see a variety of Tuning Forks from both John and Jonathan at: or stop by the store for a demonstration from me Wednesday through Friday noon to 5 pm.

PS – the Otto body tuner by John is on sale this month!  

Tuning forks for frequency, vibration and sound healing
tuning fork with weighted head for body work

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