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Guided Imagery and Meditation Videos

Jill and Charlie HenryIn this series of videos Charlie and I worked together. I wrote the scripts and recorded some of them. Charlie wrote and recorded the music and one of the scripts. We collaborated on the video images. I hope you enjoy!


10 Minute Chakra Tune Up

10 Minute Rainbow Tune-Up with Music by Charles Henry, M.S., Voice by Jill N. Henry, Ed.D is designed for those who say they would like to meditate but they just don’t have time. Gentle guided imagery over an ascending note musical mantra leads the mind on a walk through the color and energy centers (chakras) of the body. Find just 10 minutes a day to listen and re-tune your body and mind. 

Balancing the 5 Elements

Take a journey through Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space to release fear, attachments, anger, desire and guilt and receive joy, contentment, enthusiasm, flow, and confidence. Use for healing body, mind, and spirit. Features music and graphics by CC Long and guided imagery by Dr. Jill Henry. Approximately 15 min. long

Shift Your Energy to Health

Take a journey through the Energy of your Body & Mind, releasing fear, resentment, & doubt and shifting your energy to confidence, trust, and health. Use for healing yourself and others in body, mind, and spirit. Features music by Charlie and guided imagery by Dr. Jill Henry.. Approximately 20 min. long. 

Shift Your Energy to Wealth

Set your mind to receive Wealth and Abundance in all forms. Gentle music and guided imagery to open your mind to the possibility of wealth and abundance flowing to you easily and quickly. It all begins with the mind! Features music by Charlie and guided imagery by Dr. Jill Henry.. Approximately 18 min. long

The Practice of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation is a fundamental approach to meditation. This video offers clear direction and guidance to learning the basic technique of Mindfulness Meditation. It is shared from Dr Jill with her warmest gratitude for your focus.

Evolution of the Chakras

 This 7 minute video covers the evolution of the chakras through our physical world and through our times and space. A short exercise is presented to assist in activating and nourishing and balancing our chakras for better experiences of health, prosperity and well being. No narration yet

Concentration Meditation

How to use Comcentration Meditation to attain more peace and creativity in your life – no narration yet.

Finding Peace Again

A Gentle Practicing of Mindfullness Meditation for those experiencing post traumatic stress disorders, PTSD.- no narration yet.