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Original Music Videos and MP3’s

Charles Long Henry

The videos on this page are all hand crafted by Charlie Henry, sometimes known as CC Long. Words, music, video before making videos was easy. On behalf of Charlie, who made his transition November, 2020, I give you the top 11 videos he created to share.  Click a link or scroll down. Relax and enjoy! 

Music Videos

Original Music Videos

Purchase and download music from Charlie’s Videos. All sales go to fulfilling his (our) dream for continuing to develop the 15 acre Forest, Land and Park as a place of peace, love and joy for now and future generations. 

There is Light

This is a soft and easy little song along with pleasant pictures intended to share feelings of love and appreciation for our earth, our friends and ourselves. I offer this to you with my warmest gratitude for your focus, Charles Henry

Gonna Be Alright

Sometimes life gets a bit overwhelming, especially when I get ready to go to bed. I review the long list of all the things I wanted to get done today compared to the short list of what I actually accomplished. This kind of retrospective rarely leaves me feeling anything other than discouragement and disappointment in myself. This is really very judgmental and as soon as I realize what I am doing I try to stop it. This song came to me one night and seems to help me remember that I am here not to judge but only remember not to judge and that, in fact, it is going to be alright. I share this with you with my warmest gratitude for your focus. (c) Charles Henry

May You Be Loved

May you Be Loved is a Loving Kindness Blessing mantra song offering peace of mind and heart to those who listen and follow.

My Best Friend Jake

Losing a loved one, be they family, friend or pet, is difficult, traumatic, yet love is forever and forever is eternal. I wrote this song to help me remember the love I share with my best friend Jake. (C) 2018 by CC Long Henry

Let the Past Go

We tend to carry so much along with us as we live our lives, perhaps it’s time to let the past go: (C) 2018 by CC Long Henry  

Nothing New Today

On my way through Life, I fell in a hole and lost my way. This is a 3 minute song about my feelings while down in the hole. I was in the hole a bit longer than 3 minutes but it seems this time frame was sufficient to capture the essence of the experience. I finally came out of the hole and life really is getting better. Hope you enjoy – Charlie (c)(p) Charles Henry

The Light

A 5 min video that is more of a prayer, a blessing, a meditation, in a song format. It feels quite slow and that is intentional. May you enjoy. With my love and gratitude for your time and focus. 


“Sometimes I think hear, A whisper so clear, I turn around, Not a soul in sight.” I wrote this song to capture a feeling of wonder I sometimes get late at night. May you enjoy and possibly feel a bit of hope within a world that sometimes seems a bit short of it. with my warmest gratitude for your time and focus. Charlie

I Am Here

This Earth is our Home in space. May we be more mindful of our Home as we journey through the universe. respectfully shared. Words and music (C) Charles Henry

Zen In Water

Water sustains our lives on this planet, please enjoy this tribute to our fluid Friend. Music and Imagery for meditation.

Chaos & Wind

Leaving, even on a short trip, is never easy. I wrote this as I was planning a very long journey and not sure of being back again. (c) Charlie Henry (1948-2020)