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Learn how to Balance Your Ayurvedic Doshas

Balancing the 5 Elements – Self-Assessment Quiz

The cornerstone of Polarity Balancing lies in the 6000 year old system of Ayurveda (Ayu=life, Veda = Study). Use this survey to determine your current areas of imbalance by counting all the items in each column that apply to you right now. Total your scores. (You may want to print this page out in order to keep track of your score!) The highest score represents the element(s) and body/mind type (dosha) that requires balancing first. The information below it provides guidelines for bringing your body/mind back into balance.



Vata Dosha is derived from the elements of Ether and Air which govern space and movement within the body/mind.

  • changeable, indecisive
  • worried, anxious, fearful
  • low appetite, weight loss
  • constipation, gas or bloating
  • dry, chapped skin
  • fast moving, talking
  • restless sleep
  • impulsive
  • poor circulation
  • can’t relax
  • easily fatigued
  • very active mind
  • ____ Total for Vata

If Vata is your highest score, balance ether & air to Calm your body/mind by:

  • regular, stable routine
  • regular, daily elimination
  • stay warm in cold, windy weather
  • try warm, oily, heavy, sweet, sour & salty foods
  • reduce light, dry, cold, pungent, bitter & astringent foods
  • Use aromatherapy: lavender, cedarwood, juniper, ylang-ylang, patchouli, myrrh, sage, geranium, tulsi

Pitta Dosha is derived from the element Fire which governs metabolism within the body/mind.

  • judging, discriminating
  • irritable, angry, jealous
  • excessive hunger or thirst
  • indigestion or heartburn
  • sensitive skin, rashes
  • perfectionist, intolerant of delays
  • often overworks
  • demanding, intolerant of errors
  • thinning, graying hair
  • critical, argumentative
  • excessive body heat
  • frustrated
  • _____ Total for Pitta

If Pitta is your highest score, balance fire to Cool your body/mind by:

  • moderation, don’t overwork
  • allow for leisure time
  • keep cool, avoid hot temperatures
  • try cool, heavy, dry, sweet, bitter & astringent foods
  • reduce pungent, sour, salty, warm, oily, & light foods
  • Use aromatherapy: Sandalwood, rose, lavender, gardenia, saffron, jasmine, lotus, vertivert

Kapha Dosha is derived from the elements of Earth and Water which govern fluidity and solidity within the body/mind.

  • logical, stable
  • complacent, steady, slow
  • gain weight easily
  • slow digestion
  • oily skin
  • slow moving, talking
  • often oversleeps
  • resistant to change
  • sinus congestion, mucus
  • possessive
  • allergic reactions
  • procrastination
  • _____ Total for Kapha

If Kapha is your highest score, alance water & earth to Stimulate yoiur body/mind by:

  • exercise regularly
  • seek out new experiences
  • stay warm in cold, damp weather
  • try pungent, bitter astringent, light, dry & warm foods
  • reduce heavy, oily, cold, sweet, sour & salty foods
  • Use aromatherapy: eucalyptus, basil, tulsi, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, camphor, frankincense, sage

Examples of foods:

  • Sweet = sugar, milk, butter, rice, breads, pasta
  • Salty = sea salt
  • Sour = Yogurt, lemon, cheese, vinegar
  • Pungent = spicy foods, peppers, ginger
  • Bitter = spinach, green leafy vegetables
  • Astringent = beans, lentils, honey
Jill N. Henry, Ed.D., PT APP, Certified Associate Polarity Practitioner
Mountain Valley Center, 43 Shambala Way. Otto, NC 28763