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Gifts for Under $20.00

Orgone Energy Pendants, Pyramids, Disks and Wands

Prices range from $5.00 to $18.00

We love these Orgonite Products and you will love our prices! Orgone Protects from Negative Energy and EMF’s and balances the auric field. Select from our collection of pendants, massage wands, pyramids, pendulums and more!

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Sacred Symbol Pendants

Sale – Just $11.00 Each!

Mandala Flower set in bronze plated zinc heart with resin embedded mandala

Sacred Symbol Pendants Sacred Mandala Art set in Bronze plated zinc heart with resin embedded sacred symbols. The perfect stocking suffer at a great price! Gift boxed.

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Merkaba Crystals

Chakra Merkaba Stones$11.00 Each
Use these Divine Light Merkaba Crystals for meditation and healing. Select from 7 different carved gemstones or purchase a complete set. Each Merkaba comes with its own velvet pouch and storycard. Shop Now for Merkabas

Intention Oils

gypsy goddess intention oil$18.00 each
Hand crafted with essential oils, herbs and gemstones, Gypsy Goddess Intention oils are made with alchemy! Choose from Money Draw, Divine Love, Mystic Insight, Meditation or Protection. Includes storybook about the each oil and a blessing card. Shop Now for Intention Oils

Special Gifts $20 – $80

Gemstone Amulets

Hand made Gemstone Amulet by Seeds of Light

$33.00 each

Gemstone Amulets are physical manifestations of your intentions. We offer you the best hand-made energy gemstone amulets we have ever seen, which are blessed by Seeds of Light. Select from over 25 different amulets. Includes story card explaining the healing properties of each gemstone. Gift boxed.

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Scalar Energy Pendants and Rollers

18K gold plated Scalar Energy Pendant

$34.00 to $70.00

Stainless Steel Pendants, Gold pendants, Quantum energy Rollers – Even Skeptics admit they really work for Quantum Energy Healing. Gift boxed.

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Chakra Jewelry

Delicate Tree of Life Chakra Design, sterling silver and gemstones pendant

$25.00 to $68.00

Sterling Silver chakra jewelry designs are delicate and filled with loving energy. Select from over 30 designs created by Elaine of Esprit Creations. Gift boxed.

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Lemurian Seed Crystals

photo of lemurian crystal

$3.00 to $180.00

We love the healing energy of Lemurian Crystals.  Ours come from Marlon, who owns a mine next to the Lemurian mine in Brazil. We then hand pick for quality, energy, and variety.

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Koshi Tuning Chimes

Koshi Meditation Chime

$72.00 each

Koshi Tuning Chimes balance the Energies of Earth, Air, Fire and Water while “singing” beautiful songs in the wind. Each chime is hand tuned to an element and associated chakras! Small enough to ring by hand during Meditation groups!

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Labyrinth Gifts

Life Path Labyrinth - Porelan finger labyrinth$15.00 to $50.00

Chakra Finger Labyrinths, Pewter Finger Labyrinths, Labyrinth Jewelry, Carved Labyrinth Stones are all here!

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