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PEMF and You

Earth in Space gifHave you heard of PEMF before? It stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies. And believe it or not you need them every day!  Your body needs food, air, water and the Schumman Frequency of 7.83 hz (cycles/second) for your 100 trillion cells to function properly through self-healing, self-regulation, and self-regeneration. The Schumann frequency is the “pulse of the earth” and it controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety and immune systems. In this respect, our physical bodies are more “Mind-Body-Earth” than “Mind-Body-Spirit”.  We connect with the Schumann Frequencies mostly when we are outdoors, walking barefoot on the beach, going deep into the woods, lying on a grassy field. Think about how refreshed you feel doing these things. You are refreshed because your cells have entrained directly to the Earth frequency and are now released to perform their cellular functions well. In addition, the frequency of 7.83 hz is the Alpha brainwave frequency, the state of mind in which you are both relaxed and alert. The problem is that Americans now spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, shielding from the earth’s health benefits and are being increasingly exposed to harmful “electrosmog” frequencies from power lines, cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computers and televisions.

tree coming out of earthBack to the body’s needs.  You want your body to be well, so you can do great things in your life. But with age, accident, and dis-ease, the body starts to break down, like an old car without proper maintenance. So you look to feeding the body with fresh, non-GMO and organic whole foods; clean spring or ionized water, comfortable temperature and spectrum sunlight, fresh oxygenated and negatively charged air, but something is still missing. The missing link is the Earth’s natural magnetic and Schumann frequencies.

What conventional medicine offers. You seek a medical answer for your body. But medicine has only 2 remedies, surgery and pharmaceuticals. These treat the signs and symptoms but rarely the cause. That’s becau

se conventional medicine sees the body as a collection of separate parts and not as a primary multi-dimensional holographic field of bio energy, information and consciousness.   In future articles I will dive into just what that means. For now, understand that the body is not solid, but

Reiki Energy Handsan interrelated vibrational pattern of frequency and energy.  That is why energy modalities like therapeutic touch actually work to facilitate self healing. In the 1980’s Dr. John Zimmerman studied therapeutic touch using a SQUID magnetometer at the University of Colorado. He discovered that a “pulsating biomagnetic field emanated from the hands of therapeutic touch practitioners.”  He  found that the PEMF (frequency) of the pulsations were not steady, but a “sweep” up and down, from 0-30 Hz (cycles per second), with the most activity around the Schumann resonance in the 7-8 Hz range. He concluded that the biomagnetic pulsations from the hands of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Chi Gong, and Energy healers are in the identical range of the frequencies the earth emits and the same as our cells and tissues respond to.

Polarity figure with chakra auraThe Body. The body is not solid, but rather composed of atoms and molecules which make up cells and organs, surrounded by a vast photonic web of energy. And photons are carriers of electromagnetic waves. This explains why PEMF therapy, homeopathy, radionics, frequency specific therapies, and flower essences can have such profound effects.  These biophotons also create an energy field that extends up to 15 feet from the body. Those of us in energy work have known about the aura for a long time! The next time you say “I have a headache”, try saying instead “my photons are not vibrating at a harmonous frequency”

What cells need to do to be healthy.  Your 100 trillion cells constantly pump oxygen and 90+ other substances including enzymes, glucose and nutrients across their membranes and remove waste products that arise from metabolism, infection and toxicity. These cellular pumps require energy (ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and TMP (transmembrane potential) to do their work. They are like batteries and require a catalyst to operate. The frequencies carried by the biophotons direct this entire process. Try to imagine if you had to consciously do this – impossible!  That is why frequencies are so important. Natural, harmonizing frequencies rejuvenate at the cellular level, while unnatural, discordant frequencies interfere with cellular function, resulting in pain and dis-ease.

Blue water gif“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” Nikola Tesla

Begin to think of yourself as consciousness (thoughts and beliefs) residing in a multi-dimensional holographic field of energy and information which then directs, guides and continuously rebuilds the physical form. That’s the approach for understanding PEMF and You. Most of you already think in terms of energy and vibration, just add the right frequencies and you have the pattern for self-healing and regeneration!

Charlie and I have been working with Dr. Arthur B. Flick. M.D. in Clayton, GA for the past year testing and exploring his PEMF Devices. It seems to us that working with frequencies is core to physical and mental well being. PEMF devices by ReSet ManufacturingThe beauty of Dr. Flick’s devices is that you can carry them, apply them to your body, or sit between them and allow your cells to entrain  and resonate to the frequencies essential for self-healing and wellness.

I know this article has a lot of technical “stuff” and may be hard to grasp. In the coming weeks I will be writing more and leading you through the wonderful world of Frequency. For now, if anyone locally want to experience PEMF therapy, just give us a call and we can talk more or set up a Plasma frequency experience for you.  CLICK HERE to visit the PEMF website.  If you go in through this link to purchase a product you will receive our affiliate discounts!