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What is the Brow Chakra Energy System?



    • The BROW chakra is located on the forehead and the back of the head, the tip seats into the center of the head. Called the Ajna (command) chakra, it represents the power of transcendence. This area is the key to balanced thinking and feeling. Our actions become more consistent, with increased wisdom, intuition, concentration, and increased sensitivity to subtle energy.
    • The GOAL of the sixth chakra is to become aware of the cosmic manifestations of God/Goddess, All That Is, including love, wisdom, joy and light. (Alex Jones, Seven Mansions of Color.)
    • CONNECTED with the brow chakra are the color indigo, the note A, the sound OM, the element energy, and the planet Uranus.

      This energy is associated with the pituitary and pineal glands, brain and neurological system, eyes, ears, and nose. Caroline Myss in the Anatomy of Spirit refers to the forehead or brow as the power of mind chakra and lists the primary strengths of this energy as: intellectual abilities and skills, evaluation of conscious and unconscious insights, receiving inspiration, generating great acts of creativity and intuitive reasoning. John Ruskin in Emotional Clearing identifies the primary feeling in the brow as transcendental consciousness of Higher Self. He states that: “We don’t experience doing-to or being done-to, but just doing.”

    • PSYCHOLOGICAL IMBALANCE in the brow chakra may manifest as superiority, power addiction, and self-absorption.
    • PHYSICAL IMBALANCE may manifest as dependency and substance abuse.
  • BALANCED, the brow chakra provides the qualities of spiritual perception and intuition. Our consciousness is uplifted from preoccupation with the world of sensations and we experience an awakened realization of other planes of existence and other valid realities.
    The transcendence quality of the brow chakra manifests as a true transformation in our worldly outlook. Imagine living on the first floor of a large apartment building. When you look out the window, you see the world from a level plane. Cars still look like cars, and people look like people. You can rearrange the interior of your apartment again and again, but you are still looking out on the same world. Now imagine moving up to the 35th floor of the same building. You look outside and now you see everything differently. Cars no longer look like cars; they look like colorful, moving geometric shapes. People look like tiny moving elements of color. Your perspective has changed. You no longer see life in the same way. This is true transformation. It is an effortless experience of seeing all life with a broader perspective. No longer bound by thoughts and feelings from the past, we now have the ability to co-create our world from a higher level of consciousness. We are balanced within ourselves and within our multiple worlds of energy. From this point of true power, we are able to manifest things into the now at will. Unbound from space and time, we become masters of our own reality.
    Below are some guidelines to assist you in opening the transcendence of the brow chakra


    1. Practice mantra meditation. The most basic and simple chant is to “sing” the word OM. Sing OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM over and over. Notice as you do that your breath becomes longer, that the sound becomes freer, that the tone changes to match your energy. Continue this for 10 minutes without interruption and you are well on your way to accessing transcendent energy. OM is the universal sound of this energy.
    1. Listen to music in the key of A, or simply hum this tone.
    1. Use the color indigo in your environment to call to you wisdom and intuition. Meditate on the color indigo and allow its energy to move through your being. Focus on the deep, blue-violet softness and richness of this color. Imagine moving down through the waters of the Gulf Stream, which are indigo in color. Move gently down and down until you become aware of a deep inner peace, the merging of your consciousness with All That Is. Rest in this peace, without words. Allow transformation to occur of its own, naturally.
    1. Play with gemstones, especially sapphire, sodalite, and lapis lazuli. Place these stones in your pocket and each time you touch it, affirm your choice to effortlessly transcend the beliefs that bind you to the past. Sleep with a stone in your hand all night to allow your subconscious to affirm your willingness to live in the present moment.


The brow chakra holds many mysteries. I once met an Indian Swami or holy man. He wore a clay marking over his brow chakra, just above his eyes. I saw this man perform miracles of love, healing and transformation. One day someone asked him why he covered his brow chakra (third eye). Swamiji’s answered something like this: “I cover my brow because the light of Spirit is greatest here. If you looked upon me without my cover, you would not see a person, you would only see light. Any if you only saw light, you would become afraid. I am here to guide you to love, not fear. And so I cover the light that is inside me. That same light is also in you, but you have not realized it yet.” I never saw Swamiji without his “brow cover”, so I cannot tell you that his words are true. I can tell you that I believe him.
Let your light shine in whatever way is comfortable for you. And know that that light is coming from your Higher Source, your True Self, from God/Goddess, all that is. We are here on this planet to “en-lighten”, to heal, and to make whole.

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