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What is the Meaning of Well Being?

Information on Mental, Physical & Spiritual Well Being

Well Being means different things to different people. For some, financial well being is most important; for others, physically being well; and still others desire well being in relationships and family affairs. Freedom is important to well being – freedom from fear, worry, and anger. Freedom to pursue your dreams and mission in life. At Mountain Valley Center, we provide goods and services (feng shui supplies, alternative medicine, new age, inspirational gifts, and self help articles ) that may assist you in your own state of Well Being.

Mental Well Being

Well Being always begins in the mind and emotions. How well are you right now? Take a moment and be mindful of your thoughts. Are you thinking about the past or the future? Are you worried or happy? What you think and feel in the present moment sets the stage for the future. A good exercise is to set aside 10 to 20 minutes each day to practice mindfulness meditation. During this time, sit and simply be aware of your breathing. Feel your breath coming and going from your nose. When a thought distracts you, label it as past or future, happy or sad, and return to the feel of the breath. Try this daily for a week and experience the difference in your mental Well Being. We offer a great selection of books to help your mind, and classes in meditation and relaxation, taught by Dr. Jill Henry, to learn how to take back control of your thoughts and emotions.

Physical Well Being

Physical Well Being encompasses both your body and your environment. At Mountain Valley Center, we offer a complete line of Feng Shui products to enhance balance and harmony in your home or business. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science of placement to encourage energy flow for Well Being. One common Feng Shui “cure” is to hang a crystal in your window, allowing sunlight to pass through the crystal and create rainbows around you. A great way to see the energy! We also offer a complete line of Sound Healing, including CD’s, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums, Wind Chimes and Table Fountains; Aromatherapy, including incense, balms, and oils; and special gifts to balance and energize your mind and body.

Sometimes you need an extra boost to feel well. CranioSacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy are gentle systems of touch, nutrition, exercise and advice to vitalize your immune system, relax tense muscles, prevent and correct stress related injury and dis-ease. Dr. Jill Henry is certified by the American Polarity Therapy Association as an Associate Polarity Practitioner. Jill also provides Continuing Education Workshops that combine energy theory and practice, including Chakra Energy, Polarity Energy Balancing and Meditation. These workshops are open to the public as well as health care professionals.

Spiritual Well Being

Spiritual Well Being is closely associated with our connection to Nature and to our cosmic energy Source. Jill and Charlie Henry, owners of Mountain Valley Center, have set aside several acres of their land as a Public Labyrinth Park. There visitors can walk the labyrinth, picnic by the stream, and relax in the laurel forest. Use of the park is free.

Peace and Well Being

Well Being comes ultimately from our inner sense of peace. Our mission at Mountain Valley Center is to assist you in discovering your own, inherent, sense of inner peace and joy. Whether it comes from buying a fairy to remind you to play, a gemstone bookend to connect with the earth, participating in a class or treatment session, walking the labyrinth, or just visiting, having a cup of coffee and conversation, we know you will leave with a deeper sense of peace and joy. And that you will pass your peace on to others. And that is the way peace comes to the planet. Visit soon in person or on the web. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Jill Henry, 2002, Mountain Valley Center