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What is the Heart Chakra Energy System?



    • The HEART chakra surrounds the area of the physical heart. Called the Anahata (unbeaten) chakra, it represents the emotional power of love. This area is the key to balance, harmony, peacemaking, hope, growth, healing and love. Our actions become motivated by the quality of unconditional love, acceptance of self and others, and right use of compassion.
    • The GOAL of the fourth chakra is to use the force of Love to bring about profound changes in ourselves and in our world. (Alex Jones, Seven Mansions of Color.)
    • CONNECTED with the heart chakra are the color green, the note F, the sound YAM, the element Air, and the planet Jupiter.

      This energy is associated with the heart, circulatory system, ribs, breasts, thymus gland, lungs, vagus nerve and the shoulders, arms and upper back. Caroline Myss in the Anatomy of Spirit refers to the heart as the chakra of emotional power and lists the primary strengths of this energy as: love, forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration, hope, trust, and the ability to heal oneself and others. John Ruskin in Emotional Clearing identifies the primary feelings that indicate blocks in the heart as: loneliness, isolation, sadness, shame, jealousy, grief over loss, not being taken care or, not being accepted, being hated or hating others.

    • PSYCHOLOGICAL IMBALANCE in the heart chakra may manifest as crisis, mood swings and general panic.
    • PHYSICAL IMBALANCE may manifest as speeding heart rate, palpitation, arrthymias and panic attacks.
  • BALANCED, the heart chakra provides generosity, nurturing, calming, relaxing, expanding, and strengthening of the heart. Balancing the fourth chakra results in feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood, prosperity, helpfulness and unconditional love. These qualities help us to uplift others so they may also love and respect themselves.
    The heart chakra contains belief patterns we hold about life itself. It is the chakra that teaches the lesson of forgiveness. Through the years we have learned to place emphasis on conditions for loving and being loved. Many of us grew up feeling “not good enough” and believing that if only we could do or be something else, we would be loved. With each action we asked: “If I do this for you, will you love me?” And with each disappointment we became bitter and resentful. Opening the heart chakra involves learning to love without dependency on external cause. Learning to love simply because we are Love. Learning to forgive because we know that we are spirit and cannot be harmed. A Course in Miracles says: “I forgive you for what you did not do to me.” In other words, I know that as spirit, I cannot be harmed by you. That is a profound concept. Unconditional love means to accept others and ourselves without attachment. Loving simply because that is what we naturally do. This is no easy task, and we all have daily opportunities to practice giving love. When a person is angry or hurting, they are asking for love. And when we can give Love regardless of their behavior, then we have practiced one of our major life lessons. Below are some guidelines to assist you in developing an unconditional love


    1. Write out affirmations of love. Louise Hay has some great affirmation tapes available. My favorite is on Songs of Affirmation by Louise Hay and Joshua Leeds and is called “All is Well” The lyrics go something like this: “I love and accept myself exactly as I am?.. all is well in my world?.” You see, if you love yourself and all is well, then nothing can bother you, there is nothing to forgive, and there is nothing to do but share your love with others.
    1. Another affirmation is a variation on the ancient Buddhist loving-kindness meditation. You begin by using the first person, I and then progress to second person, you, and finally including all. “May (I, you, all) be filled with loving-kindness, May (I, you, all) be well. May (I, you, all) be peaceful and at ease. May (I, you, all) be happy.
    1. Listen to music written in the Key of F, or hum that note..
    1. Chant the sacred sound YAM out loud and often.
    1. Use the color green in your environment to stimulate healing, well being and prosperity. Green promotes a sense of rest and relaxation and is good in bedrooms, hospital rooms and meeting rooms where love is needed. A green wardrobe brings balance and harmony and fills you with feelings of serene, calming peace. Eat green fruits and vegetables including lettuce, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, green peas, spinach, limes, green apples, honey dew melons, ?
    2. Play with gemstones, especially emerald, peridot, tourmaline, jade, malachite, green calcite, aventurine, bloodstone, fluorite and unakite. Place these stones in your pocket and each time you touch it, affirm your power to love unconditionally. Sleep with a stone in your hand all night to allow your subconscious to affirm your willingness to accept genuine love in your life.


Opening the heart to love may take a lifetime, or several. It is often easier for us to love our children, or our pets, more than it is to love ourselves. Yet the paradox is that we can only give others the love we feel inside.
As I stated earlier, most of us have the un-loving feeling of “not being good enough” buried deep inside. Of not being worthy of love from others, much less ourselves. Yet when we cannot love ourselves, we cannot truly love another. There is an excellent audiotape I often listen to by Roland D. Nadeau and Deborah Riegel called I am Worthy. The tape is a series of affirmations spoken in both male and female voices designed to create a deep experience of worthiness. When we feel worthy of love, then we can share that love. And when we can share love with all beings, we have awakened the heart chakra to a wonderful new universe of Love.

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