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Scalar Energy Mobius

How does Scalar Energy Work?

To understand the Health Benefits of Scalar Energy, we must understand what it is, how the Cells in our body function,  and how scalar energy affects the cells in our body.

What is Scalar Energy and How does Scalar Energy Work?

Scalar Energy is” the zero-point energy, the energy of the absolute nothingness which existed before the world began”.  Ok, granted that’s a beautiful phrase, but what does it really mean?

Scalar energy was first discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the 18th century. Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein expanded on this theory, calling it ”scalar electromagnetic energy”.  It is an longitudinal energy that, unlike transverse 3-dimensional energy (up/down, right/left, back/front) it modulates in the direction it is going, accordion-like, along the axis of time, the 4th dimension. In Einstein’s E = mc2, matter itself is compressed energy, and compressed by the same factor as scalar energy is compressed in time. Whew, got it?  Not really.  Best I came up with is to imagine dropping a pebble in a smooth pool of water. The waves come out equally in all directions.  Now take that image and expand the waves in circles of energy, like an infinitely projected mobius pattern on axis. (see picture above)

How do the cells in our bodies work?

Each cell in our body has an electric charge on its plasma wall. Inside is positive, outside is negative. This charge is referred to as the cell’s transmembrane potential. In healthy cells, this potential is 70 millvolts, or 70mV.  Dis-eased cells have very low transmembrane potentials (cancer is around 15-20 mV). For diseased cells to survive, they must overproduce, creating the tumors associated with most diseases.

It has been established, in cancer, that the dis-ease can be stopped by restoring energy levels of the mitochondria in the cells. And contrary wise, low energy levels of mitochondria are the base cause of self-inducing, cancerous processes.

How does energy affect our bodies?

Most electrical equipment (television, computers, mobile phone and microwave) radiate 60 HZ frequencies and interfere with the membrane potentials and basic mitochondria in the cells of the body The mitochondria is responsible for biochemical processes of respiration and energy production within a cell. Pretty important stuff! Scalar Energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a type of protective shield around the body, removing and canceling the effects of man-made frequencies EMF’s (60 HZ) on the body.

Fortunately, It’s quite easy to “embed” a set healing frequency in a product or object. If you use scalar energy, the frequency will tend to stay in the object indefinitely (unless overridden by a stronger frequency). This can be done with objects you wear such as Scalar Energy Pendants or Orgonite Pendants as well as devices you use.

Does Scalar Energy really Work?

It’s all about the frequency!  We are beings of energy and frequency. If all the cells in our body are vibrating to create a membrane potential of 70mV, then theoretically there should be no dis-ease. But our cells vibrations can be easily lowered, by man made EMF, by strong negative emotions, by pollution in air and water and more. Sometimes it just makes sense to give our cells a little help. Scalar energy is one way to help, Meditation is another, gentle touch hands on healing, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic frequency) devices. The choices are becoming more and more available.

May all cells in your body vibrate feed your mitochondria with 70 mV membrane potentials and may you be Well!

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