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Evolution of the Chakras

CHAKRA EVOLUTION can be traced from our ancestors to the present day. The first chakra to develop fully was the root chakra. This energy system lies at the base of the spine and is concerned primarily with survival on the physical plane. Early cave dwellers had to utilize this energy to simply exist in a dangerous world. A single-minded focus on physical survival, security, health, money, and even death reflects the activity of this primary energy.
As physical needs were met, social relationships began to develop. Sensuality and sexuality between two people expanded to include pleasure and gratification available from others. Societies were built on the energy of the pelvic second chakra. Once human beings had established safety and community, the personal power of the third chakra began developing in the solar plexus area. This is a masculine power of aggressiveness, competitiveness, recognition, status, self-image and significance. Civilizations advanced and fell according to the dominating individual or ego involved. This chakra has been predominating through the middle of the 20th century.
The “love-ins” of the 1960’s, more than anything else, express the emergence of the fourth chakra, the heart. Opening of the heart chakra allows self-acceptance and generates feelings of love and caring for others as well as oneself. This feminine center balances the self-preoccupation of the lower centers and acts as a bridge to higher emotions and energies.
As we begin our journey into the 21st Century, the throat chakra has many of us literally choking! The opening of our creative abilities of self-expression is the next major lesson for many of us. This chakra of communication is seen in the growing of the Internet and World Wide Web. Instantaneous global communication challenges us to our highest levels of creativity and integration.
The brow chakra is the witness center, the joining of left and right brain wisdom and intelligence. The energies here connect us with our Higher Self and encourage the development and practical use of intuition.
Our spiritual center is located at the crown of the head and is our connection with cosmic consciousness. The energy here enables us to live in the moment, without desire. To be truly free of concerns, worries, doubts, and fears. EXCEPTIONS
EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE of chakra development have occurred throughout history. Jesus and Buddha and other wise and holy men and women through the ages have demonstrated full mastery of all chakras. In fact, we all have access to all the power of our chakras at any given moment. We all have had experiences of unconditional love, of a sense of oneness with the beauty of our environment, of pure joy. CHAKRA EXERCISE
A SIMPLE EXERCISE to begin enlivening your chakras is color and sound imagery.
For a quick Tune Up watch the Solfeggio video below