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  • Distant healing, energy body integrations
    Services, Events and Workshops at the Otto Labyrinth Park

    Energy Body Integrations – EBI

    In that quiet spot of EBI our energies come into resonance. Then we call upon Inner Wisdom to focus Universal Life energy or Chi to specific areas of your mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies. The process is guided by our inner and higher wisdoms and results in integrating your energy body more fully with your physical body for optimal health, well being and consciousness. Click Here for More Information!

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  • Healing Crystals and Energy Stones

    Crystal Connections Quick Reference Chart – What Gemstones Mean for You

    Use this chart to quickly find which crystal or gemstone is associated with each chakra, emotion, physical dis-ease and problematic conditions, wealth and success.  Learn how to use over 50 crystals and gemstones for your happiness and well being.

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  • Download Metaphysical Songs and Meditational MP3s

    Shift Your Energy to Wealth Mp3

    This 18 minute, Visual Guided Imagery focuses on Wealth: Wealth of Money, Wealth of Happiness, Wealth of Well Being.
    By directing our Focus upon those physical things we want more of, we let our emotional feelings empower those thoughts into visible form and our benefit.  View Video

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