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NQ24-Etched, Self Healed, Devic Crystal

NQ24-Etched, Self Healed, Devic Crystal , 2.5 in x 1.5 in, 140 gms


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NQ24-Etched, Self Healed, Devic Crystal
Etched crystal – Contains abrasions located upon the outer areas of the crystal – abrasions appear to be a type of hieroglyphics. Used to facilitate contact from ancient Egyptian civilizations and from Lemuria and Atlantis. Used as a personal meditation crystal.

Self-healed crystal also known as Hera crystals – Recognized by small crystalline structures at the location where the crystal was removed from its matrix or where it has been broken and healed again. Master crystal in the art of self-healing and therefore can share this knowledge. Used for healing situations which appear to be devastating and helps user fulfill themselves.

Devic crystal – A crystal with a great deal of fairy frost (the fractures and inclusions inside the crystal). Open us to the beauty and wonder of nature and facilitates communication with the nature spirits – devas and elfin folk. Wonderful to meditate on this crystal by placing it in a hollow in a tree or a hole in the ground without blocking the opening- natural fairy doors. When you leave, leave a gift of fruit or a small crystal for the faeries.


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