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Sky Rhythms – Astro Notes For August, 2022

The winds of change are continuing to blow at gale force speed, as this month starts off with a potent surge of power – when Uranus (the cosmic change agent), Mars (the archetype of outward life force energy), and the North Node (our collective destiny point) all collide on August 1st,.

This rare cosmic timing is inviting us into a new relationship, personally and collectively, with our resources, with our bodies, with Mother Earth herself. Huge forces of change will continue to buffet our world as the death of what no longer serves creates a tidal wave of chaos and confusion – in preparation for the birth of a whole new continent out of the sea of our collective vision for a better future.

How do we best navigate these uncertain times?

This month’s sparky planetary alignment in the earthy, sensuous sign of Taurus is offering an important key. In the old, patriarchal story, the one we all came here to bust wide open, this is not considered a comfortable place for Mars to hang out. But the divine masculine wants a new story, one which includes a deep capacity for intimacy and enjoyment of simple pleasures. He is the lover, the artist, the epicure.

This month and beyond, we are all being invited to open in a gentle, quiet way into a new communion with our own bodies. Try spending time just sitting still in nature, breathing mindfully, maybe even putting your bare feet in the grass, or just giving yourself a hug (try it – it’s surprisingly calming!).

As the month begins, we continue to be bathed in the energies of the powerful New Moon that happened on July 28 in Leo, the sign of radiant, radical self-love. So, if you haven’t already, set a sacred intention to help you ground into your own unique creative sense of self (yes, we are ALL creative – to be alive is to create in every moment). Then feed this intention with your attention and watch it come to flower at the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11 (exact at 9:36 pm EDT). Aquarius is all about busting out of old ways of thinking and being. Let go of your ideas about who you have always been so your new, emerging self can have room to breath. You just might surprise yourself!

On August 19 the waning last quarter Moon passes by Mars in Leo. It should be visible in the early morning hours high in the eastern sky before sunrise. Whether you can see it or not, you can tune in to the energies and remember that Uranus and the North Node, although not visible, are still hanging out nearby. What messages do they have to support you in this potent journey of personal and planetary healing?

We can all begin to repair the damage of our old traumas by a gentle awareness, and radical acceptance, of what is – starting with the messages from our own bodies. As long as we continue to look for peace from outside events we will be disappointed. This month’s star rhythms offer a powerful opportunity to seek out simple, loving solutions from ancient/future earth-based resources aligned with our inner knowing. And remember to have fun – Taurus is all about true pleasure! Do what you can in this moment to create the experience of walking in Eden’s Garden – in your very own backyard.



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