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Take Time to Balance Your 5 Elements of Well Being

Time to Balance Your 5 Elements!

The idea of 5 Elements that comprises our physical and mental presence has been used throughout history to describe a system of interaction and balance in our lives. From Feng Shui to Ayurveda, from Native American to Pagan. The basic elements of the universe are important in our daily lives.

Based on my Polarity Therapy Practice over the past 15 years, I have come to a greater understanding of the importance of keeping these energies in balance. As the time of Balance between Light and Dark approaches, I offer the following for your Well Being.

Think about the last time you were with a group, and see if you can recognize each element in action. 

cartoon pople meetingSue sat quietly, observing, above it all. Someone even called her spacey. Her ETHER element was strong as she held the Space for others.  Joe was quick and alert. He came up with lots of ideas. At times a great inspiration to others, at other times he was just full of AIR.  Jack was a go-getter, risk taker, and liked being boss. He suggested many creative projects. Sometimes quick tempered, direct, and aggressive, Jack burned with the FIRE of inner creativity. Mary used her deep, intuitive, emotional senses to tell everyone how she, and they, felt. Her WATER element focused on the flow and emotions of the group.  Joyce came up with practical ways to accomplish all the ideas of others. She was solid, dependable and down to EARTH.

We need all five of these elements blended and in balance, in order to accomplish our goals in life. If an Element is Weak within itself—focus on strengthening it. If an Element is too Strong, look at the elements that will balance it. Examples:

  • Too much Anger (Fire): – Calm Air, Strengthen Water and Earth
  • Too Many ideas but no concrete results (Air) – Strengthen Earth
  •  Feeling Stuck (Earth) – Strengthen Air and Water5 elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether
  •  Feeling Anxious (Air) – Strengthen Water and Ether
  •  Feeling Constricted (Ether), Strengthen Water and Air
  •  Feeling too Emotional (Water) – Strengthen Earth and Air

I have listed the attributes of each of the 5 Elements below as well as quick balancing techniques.

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ETHER– Space – the Space from which all the other Elements unfold

Balanced = Connection with Spirit
Unbalanced = Grief and Regret
Dis-ease – Problems with joints, sinus, throat, hearing and expression.
Food for the Soul – Meditation and Peak Experiences
Ways to Strengthen Ether – Meditation – Complete focus on the NOW, Repeat sound “A”, Carry moonstone, turquoise, blue agate.

AIR – East, Moving, Invigorating

Balanced = Compassion, Love
Unbalanced = Desire, Judgment
Dis-ease – Circulatory problems in heart and lungs, gas, exhaustion, shallow breathing, numbness, pain
Food – Highest above ground (fruits and nuts)
Ways to Strengthen Air – Meditation – Sense your Breath, Feel the Wind, Repeat sound “E”, Carry aventurine, peridot, rose quartz.

FIRE- South, Purifying, Intense

Balanced = Enthusiasm
Unbalanced = Anger, resentment
Dis-ease – Ulcers, liver problems, eye problems, sleep disturbances, skin problems, digestive problems
Food – Higher above ground (corn, wheat, rice, sunflower, sesame seeds, peas, beans)
Ways to Balance Fire – Meditation – Stare into an open fire or candle flame, Imagine a volcano erupting, Be Enthusiastic, Repeat sound “I”, Carry citrine, amber, or yellow agate

WATER – West, Flowing, Changing

Balanced = Letting Go
Unbalanced = Attachment
Dis-ease – Breast problems, sexual organ problems, allergies, pelvic, low back, foot problems
Food – Near to ground (cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, strawberries, green vegetables)
Ways to Balance Water – Meditation – Sit by river, lake or stream or ocean, Imagine swimming or floating, Let Go, Repeat sound “O”, Carry Pearl or Carnelia

EARTH – North, Grounded, Solid

Balanced = Courage
Unbalanced = Fear
Dis-ease – Osteoporosis, Constipation, Irritable Bowel, Chronic Neck tension, obesity|
Food – Underground (potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, garlic herb roots)
Ways to Balance Earth – Meditation – Walk barefoot, Garden, Imagine going into a cave, Slow down, Repeat sound “U”, Carry Ruby, Smoky Quart

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