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Changing Paradigms and the Body



The body is composed of clumps of matter separated from one another in time and space.


In their essential state, our bodies are composed of synchronized vibrations of energy and information, not solid matter.

If I believe entirely that there is nothing beyond a physical matter that composes the body, then I must treat all illness and accidents with physical means only. I must go to the doctor to “fix” me with mechanical or chemical means. I often feel “trapped” in my body, helpless to do anything to improve my condition. I may believe that God is punishing me for my sins. I may believe that I’m just unlucky in life. I will believe that I’m helpless to restore my body after illness or dis-ease. 

Yet even with this belief, there is also a belief in self healing. After all, the body knows how to close the skin and heal after a scratch or blister. And I have recovered after the flu or a cold. I don’t know how this happens sometimes, and not other times, but I do know it happens.

Knowing that the body is not solid, but vibrational is an essential part in the emerging “medicine” of the future. In the 1970’s Thaddeus Goals wrote a “hippie” book called “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment”. The basis of that book was, whatever is happening to your body, or circumstances for that matter, simply raise you vibrations and the situation will change and healing will occur. How do we raise our vibrations? By stilling our thoughts. By allowing the Source of all Vibrations to adjust the body’s vibrations towards healing and wholeness. Anything and anyone who helps us raise our vibrations, from fear into love, from doubt into confidence, from grief into happiness shifts the vibrations in our bodies. Norman Cousins “healed” himself of a multiple ailments by watching the Three Stooges on TV and laughing.

The next time you feel like your body is solid and can never change, entertain the idea that it is not solid, and therefore will change when the information we are feeding it and the vibrations we are experiencing change. We’ll explore more next month.  Until then, I wish you Good Vibrations Always!

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