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Paradigm Interlude – Attracting vs. Allowing

 Charlie (my multiple life partner) and I worked for years with both A Course in Miracles and the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction. Each appeared a complete thought system within itself and we did some bouncing back and forth between the two. We frequented the “vortex” together while reminding ourselves that the world we live in is an illusion (as in “all the world’s a stage and we are just actors on it” illusion).

After Charlie’s transition last November, I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions, as have everyone who experiences the survival of the transition of a cherished life partner. Observing the fatigue that comes from my emotional excitability, suddenly the Law of Attraction didn’t appeal to me. OMG I thought – what if its working now with these emotions of loneliness and grief? Am I “attracting” more and more into my life? Is there a “time out” in the Law of Attraction for grieving?

A new friend, Socrates (real name folks) came along a couple of months ago and suggested I listen to a YouTube Series called “The Way of Mastery”.  Channeled by the same Christ Energy as A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery is update 2.0 of ACIM.

And It has helped me return to the fundamental question in all of our lives.

  • Who or What is God/Goddess/All That Is?
  •  What is my Purpose here now?
  • What does this ultimate Source Energy wish for each of us?

Pondreing answers questions allow me to use both Allowing and Attracting with less efforting than ever before.

From Law of Attraction

  • ·        “Your Inner Being, or Source Energy, always offers a perspective that is to your greatest advantage, and when your perspective matches that, then positive attraction is occurring.”
  • ·        “It is extremely helpful to understand that your emotions are letting you know whether you are in the process of creating something you want or something you do not want”

From A Course in Miracles Lessons: 

  •  God is Love, and therefore so am I
  •  Love created me like itself.
  •  Let me recognize my problems have been solved.
  • God’s will for me is perfect happiness.
  • God’s peace and joy are mine.

From the Way of Mastery ( on YouTube)

In truth, you desire nothing, though you allow desire to move through you. And you recognize it as the voice of the Father guiding your personality, your emotions and even the body to the places, events, people and experiences through which the tapestry of the atonement – the at-one-ment-is being woven, through which all of the children of God are called home again.

Working with these basic concepts (and others in both books), I’ve come to the conclusion that both approaches work, but for me right now, Allowing is easier than Attracting. But maybe there is a sequence to these? Or places in our lives where one is more comfortable than another? Or maybe they are both the same! As Ram Dass said “We’re all just walking each other home” anyway.


If Source, God/Goddess/All that is, wants only good for each of us – joy, abundance, health, happiness, peace…, then all we need to do is stop desiring what we don’t want, relax, and allow what Love wants for us to happen.  So much easier said than done for most of us.

With Love and Blessings, Jill

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