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PEMF and LLLT Therapy Devices – What’s the deal?

If you type PEMF in a web search and you will find an assortment of different devices ranging in price from $39.00 to $5,500 or more.  Now type in LLLT and again you will see more devices in a wide range of sizes and prices. These initials stand for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency (PEMF) device or Low-Level Laser Light (LLLT) device.

Both PEMF and LLLT devices, depending on how they are manufactured and programmed, can help the human body restore itself at a cellular level.  The process called attunement or resonance. I now have access to some of the best, most versatile devices on the market (more on why later). Let’s start at the beginning, with the cells in our bodies.

Why cells need certain Frequencies to be healthy. 

Your 100 trillion cells constantly pump oxygen and 90+ other substances including enzymes, glucose and nutrients across their membranes and remove waste products that arise from metabolism, infection, and toxicity. Cells are effective or ineffective in their work depending upon the frequency at which they vibrate.  Natural, harmonizing frequencies rejuvenate at the cellular level, while unnatural, discordant frequencies interfere with cellular function, resulting in pain and dis-ease.

What is a frequency and why is it important to me?

Frequency is defined as the rate at which a vibration occurs making a wave  in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light). Frequency is measured cycles per second (cps) or hertz (Hz). We tune into the frequencies of our favorite radio station. We tune into musical frequencies for relaxation. We tune into the frequencies of others. That’s why when someone is depressed, we tend to get depressed around them and when someone is joyous we tend to feel joyful around them. To have empathy is to attempt to match the frequencies of another.  The frequencies of a large city are different than when we are outdoors in nature. We tune into the city’s hustle/bustle frequency. We tune into a different frequency when we walk barefoot on the beach, going deep into forest meditation or lie on the ground looking at the clouds. In nature we tune into the frequency of earth itself, named the Schumann frequency.

The Schumann frequency is the rate of vibration that occurs in a belt of electromagnetic waves that encircle the planet located between the earth and the ionosphere. These waves are created by the discharges of lightning flashes, approx. 50 times/second on Earth. They are generally a low frequency of 7.83 Hz (cycles per second)   and considered to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Connecting with this frequency is refreshing and grounding.  The frequency of 7.83 hz is the Alpha brainwave frequency, the state of mind in which you are both relaxed and alert. The problem is that Americans now spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, shielding from the earth’s health benefits and are being increasingly exposed to harmful “electrosmog” frequencies from power lines, cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computers and televisions. Even our electrical current vibrates in 60 Hz. The arrival on the market of frequency devices is an accessible alternative to going completely off-grid.   

What do these devices do?

LLLT therapy, also called phototherapy or photobiomodulation refers to the use of photons at a non-thermal irradiance to alter biological activity. PEMF therapy, is focused on the external application of multiple time-varying magnetic fields. Both devices emit healthy frequencies that the cells in our body attune to and resonate with, to create more harmonious cellular functioning. The devices can be programed to nourish the cells, strengthen the immune system, and facilitate regeneration in the body. They set the body on a healing path. And not only the body is involved in this path. The intelligence of the cells calms down, going from stress to relaxation, which in turn facilitates relaxation of the mind and emotions, generating a sense of well-being. They provide a frequency boost to not only the physical body, but the etheric body as well, allowing transformation to occur in all aspects of our selves, physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

Results of Frequency Therapy

LLLT has been used to: reduce pain and inflammation, assist in tissue repair, promote regeneration of tissues and nerves and prevent tissue damage.

PEMF has been used to treat peripheral vascular disease, lung disease, gastrointestinal disease, neurological disease and rheumatic diseases.

PEMF’s Frequency Devices

Small, programable, PEMF devices allow the physician or clinician or consumer to select a frequency pattern that they feel will assist in their well-being. Frequency devices are not a replacement for medical care, they are an adjunct to it. Just as you use ice on a sprained ankle or heat on a headache, you may program the devices for general relaxation and inflammation or more specific areas of awareness. Visit the store to learn more and experience this technology for yourself. 

In 2022 Low Level Lasers were combine with the pulsed electromagnetic field for the first time in history. In clinical trials, this combination, patent pending, is demonstrating some significant results in shorter periods of time. For those who like the technical, the Laser Light radiates a 650 wavelength coherent light at a power rating of less than 5 milliwatts. Low level laser lights in the MR72combined with PEMF may be programmed with frequencies between 1 and 5,000 Hz (cycles/second). Versatile and Effective

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May you be Well, May you Be Peaceful and at Ease, May you be Happy


Energy Body Integrations

aka Distant Treating, Distant Healing

The highest healing does not occur at the conscious level. The conscious level only interferes. It’s when we “go away” during a session that the healing occurs. When the client’s mind gets out of the way, the chatter of the conscious mind stops and brain frequency shifts.  A deep connection of healing occurs between the client’s Inner Wisdom and the Love and Light of the Universe.

Click here to read more or learn how to make an appointment.

Distant healing, energy body integrations

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