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Lavender Essential Oil – Relaxing and Uplifting

Lavender 100% Essential Oil – 1/3 fl oz.,  Aromatherapy Grade for external use only


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Lavender 100% Essential Oil – 1/3 fl oz.,  Aromatherapy Grade

Lavender Essential Oil is Relaxing and Uplifting.  Its lovely soft aroma is calming and sedating and makes the perfect antidote to tension and stress. Moreover, it has anti-bacterial properties, so should be an addition to every first-aid kit. Lavender is known to have an immediate calming effect when inhaled or applied topically. When diluted with a carrier oil it can be massaged into feet, temples, wrists, or hands to soothe a nervous or overactive mind. Lavender works to support mental health and overall well-being by helping to alleviate negativity arising from anxiety and depression. Combined with a carrier oil Lavender it is great in massages or worn by itself in aroma jewelry associated with the following stones: Amethyst (purple ray of peace, contentment and inner strength) Clear Quartz (uplifts and cleanses), Bloodstone (grounds the heart energy and eases aggression and impatience).

Lavender oil has long been used as a perfume, for aromatherapy, and applied topically to the skin. .Lavender was discovered around 2,500 years ago and is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean, Middle East and India. Lavender derives its name from the Latin ‘lavare’ which means ‘to wash”, and Romans used it to scent their baths, beds, clothes and also discovered its many medicinal properties.

Aside from its calming properties, lavender’s scent and anti-bacterial properties help to freshen stale rooms – it can be used with a diffuser, mixed with water in a spray bottle, or small pieces of cotton or cloth can be left in strategic places. The oil has also been used as a disinfectant, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. It can soothe and heal insect bites, sunburn, cuts, burns and other inflammatory conditions. Please note, aromatherapy oils are not to be used internally.

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