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Patchouli Essential Oil – Sensual

Patchouli 100% Essential Oil – 1/3 fl oz.,  Aromatherapy Grade for external use from Echo


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Patchouli Oil is Sensual, evoking the 2nd Chakra (energy center) feelings of healthy intimacy with others and within yourself.  Patchouli helps to restore the vital energy of our sexual organs and our ability to cultivate loving relationships. The Sensual scent of Patchouli helps us release energy blockages in the lower half of the body. It restores our sense of connection, passion and self-love.   To energize the pelvic area, patchouli oil is often used in massage or aroma jewelry with the following crystals: Red Jasper (increases virility in men), Orange Carnelian (recharges female sex organs), Smoky Quartz (cleanses all energy centers) and Rose Quartz (leads to love and understanding).

Patchouli is a member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family and is cultivated in Southeast Asia.  Echo high-quality oil has a deep, earthy scent which, when used sparingly adds depth to essential oil blends and is also used as a fixative in the natural perfume industry.

Aside from its use as a fragrance, Patchouli has many medicinal uses. It is used extensively in skin-care formulations to alleviate inflamed and irritated skin as well as in rejuvenating and anti-aging formulas. Its anti-fungal properties make it useful for treating athlete’s foot and it is also found in hair products to combat dandruff and excess oil. Patchouli’s scent is a balm for those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia or melancholy. Today, it is used to scent textiles, help repel insects and in the flavoring industry.

Patchouli 100% Essential Oil – 1/3 fl oz.,  Aromatherapy Grade from Echo (not intended for internal use)

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