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Earth Bag Pavilion Build at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Completion of the Earth Bag Pavilion and Vision for the Future at the Otto Labyrinth Park

The Earth Bag Pavilion/Faerie House at the Labyrinth Park.

To say it is slowly being built is an understatement. The faeries are doing an excellent job at upgrading the pavilion, teaching us to truly listen to their needs and teaching us a bit of patience along the way. And it has been truly deligtful to merege with that intelligence.   I remain open to allowing it to be complete. As you read this do see it completed also. All energy toward it is great!We are starting to complete the work of the Pavilion under the supervision of George.

The goal of this Pavilion is to provide a natural meeting space for community to talk and share and heal together. Sitting on earth inside earth is a special energy that I truly hope will be completed to the point of sharing. 

Please take a few minutes to go to GoFundMe and read more.  

If you want to learn about cobbing and can volunteer for the final “Plastering” of the walls, give Jill a call at 828-369-5698


Otto Labyrint Park Event Pavilion
My husband Charlie and I created the Otto Labyrinth Park in 1998 and opened it free to the public. Folks through the years have come to the use the Park as a Spiritual Retreat for their own life journeys. The space welcomes you to walk the labyrinth and spend the day by the creek and lily ponds as well as under the shade of the old growth laurel forest. Events and gatherings, previously weather dependent, will be able to occur rain or shine once the Pavilion is completed. But there is more, so much more. 

You see, we have 14 acres in total of beautiful mountain land that wants to be a center of retreat and renewal and years ago we had a plan!

Charlie and I drew this map around the same time we put in the labyrinth and opened the Park. Charlie made his transition at the end of 2020 I believe he is helping from the other side to see this vision come true. 

The Vision

  1. Labyrinth Park and Old Growth Forest – DONE
  2. Facilities building/shop – DONE
  3. 36 ‘ diameter Earth Bag Pavilion – delayed with slow and steady progress
    1. Once done begin a series of community activities, including children’s rock painting and faerie house building, meditation and healing groups, certification workshops, yoga, Reiki, concerts, communiity gatherings and wellness fairs. 
  4. Tiny houses or Cabins in the woods away from the labyrinth and forest – WAITING FOR FUNDING
  5. Organic community garden in the pasture away from the labyrinth and forest – WAITING FOR FUNDING
  6. Day camping in the Forest – tiny structures to spend a day of meditation in nature. -WAITING FOR FUNDING. 
Vision for Mountain Valley retreat center

None of this can be done alone. I am so grateful for those who have showed up to help build the Pavilion and donated funds so far. I am grateful for those who find value in the Park (see testimonials below).

And I will be eternally grateful for the funds to accomplish the rest of the goals for the land. 

I am 73, a widow without children or family. It is my hope, trust and desire that this land be a self-perpetuating center for healing and well being. I am actively applying for grants and looking for investors. With the people that have gathered here, and those to come, the only thing necessary for all to happen is the involvement of a person with money to see it through. 

The spritis here on the land are preparing for joy and celebration. It feels wonderful to be a part of this all. Completing that is what it was in the native past, what is is now for the elementals and animals, and what it is for all who walk here. And it is my honor, day by day, to do whatever I can do to ensure a future of peace and grace for all.

To that end, I ask again if you would like to donate to my G0FundMe ar  or link me up with an investor who wants to develop a retreat center or a rich person who whats to give me the money.  Come one come all.  It’s time for new energy to continue what Charlie and I were asked to begin in 1994 and have funded ever since. 

Otto Labyrinth Park in Otto,NC vuew if 7 circuit labyrinth from the ponds

Some comments from Park Visitors

Thank you for sharing your space with us. We came from Baton Rouge and Atlanta to experience your sacred place. Now we will carry this energy to others. Glenda.·    

I’ve never walked a labyrinth of moss – such gentleness, such care. The bees, hungry, everywhere. The flowers, producing. The water flowing. Our lives and loves unfolding. Our deepest selves, honored here. Thank you. P.F.·    A calming and peaceful experience. I smiled nonstop! I appreciate the sharing of such a lovely place. Katharine·   

 Hi, my name is Amanda. This is my first time here. it was great. I loved every thing very peaceful. Love the sound of water.·    

Today I brought my younger children and one of their friends. They bring so much life energy it is often difficult to stop and reflect, but this is oan ideal place to do so! Blessings to all who come to this place seeking wisdom and serenity. Mother Earth needs us! Retia.·    

With every step I felt this burden of my human body dissipate as my spirit was filled with the blessings of God. Thank you·    I did a prayer walk in the Labyrinth, blessing myself and everyone I could think of. I prayed for true love and I felt sweet peace here. The wind whispered her answer… Yes, my prayers were heard here. To the caretakers of this place, may you be blessed! Lauren·    

Pondering the mystery of the Resurrection, I look around me and see resurrection every where. All of nature is coming to life again. So may it be for everyone who comes here. from Asheville·    

I arrived here full of anger towards my daughter. Halfway on, I saw the pink quartz stone lying on the “patience” rock, and held it until I returned. I feel much calmer now and enriched in spirit. ready to go back and face my obstacles with grace and love. Thank you for a gentle respite. Elyse·    

Blessed Be to this magical space – receiving my love and returning me to me self my family my world – my niece was born this morning at dawn and I joyously celebrate her birth and the birth of this new beginning – welcome Dannella. walked alone, but really with many. Thank you for sharing. Christy·    

We have been coming here for many years (anniversaries, valentines day, etc). Today we brought our granddaughters for the first time. They love it. Thank you for this. Bill & Becky.·    

Dear Jill and Charlie, We found a winged messenger – he is a fly. We also found a amethyst. This is such a beautiful place! Thank you for making such a wonderful place for everybody to share. Signed, Marissa (& Mama)·   

 Enjoyed our wedding here. It was peaceful and thank you for letting us have it here. We will be back.·    

The peace that hath come shall dwell within my mind and to its work within my breast. My thanks for all, and to all. I shall never forget the cool breeze that caressed me upon my entrance, or the resolution gifted me upon my exit. Carley, Greensboro, NC

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May you be Well, May you Be Peaceful and at Ease, May you be Happy

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