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What is metaphysical?

Meta is beyond. Metaphysical is the study and practice of skills beyond the physical, including exploration of the powers of the mind and spirit for well-being.

Our blogs are dedicated to the promotion of well being through both physical and metaphysical modalities.

New – Namaste Incense Cones

Namaste Incense Cones These highly fragrant cones are made from the same people that bring you Swagat Incense and Indian Temple Incense. The ancient craft of incense making is embodied in these cones handmade in India of fine powder of sandalwood, resin, roots, and natural flower oils. Convenient to light, convenient to carry! Try them all with new scents added

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Blossom Festival August 10-12, 2018

Blossom Festival has been re-scheduled to the Spring of 2019 Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:00 pm – Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:00 pm at the Otto Labyrinth Park and Mountain Valley Center,  43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC 28763 “When we shine the light for others the light shines back on ourselves”. Blossom is Imaginationland’s first ever “Imaginationland presents…” event. This

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Go Light-ly

Change implies seeing something wrong first, then judging, or condemning it and in need of change. All of this takes place within the physical space of perception, which is founded on change. I have perceived the magician sawing the lady in half. Do I condemn the magician for murder? I can but choose not to judge based on faulty perceptions.

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2018 Otto Labyrinth Park Gatherings

2018 Otto Labyrinth Park Gatherings The first Gathering at the Otto Labyrinth Park was in the Summer of 1998. We had just completed building the Labyrinth, and 5 of us Gathered to walk it, build a fire, drum and sing. Over the past 20 years we have offered Gatherings throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. Sometimes 5 people attend, other

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Focus and Stay the Course

I lose focus. I get distracted easily, phone rings, doorbell rings, a leaf falls, a shiny bauble catches my eye… I have to start all over again and again. I feel discouraged , dis-heartened., even a bit frazzled at times. Where was I? I know that feeling negative just attracts more negatives into my life.  But sometimes it just feels

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Coventry Creation Candles

New Selection of  Coventry Creation Candles Coventry Creation Candles are special scented candles for all occasions. Deep in ritual and Magick, they provide special energy, healing, and manifestation. Perfect to light as the nights grow long! Shop Now!

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What is the Throat Chakra Energy System?

THE THROAT CHAKRA REPRESENTS THE EMOTIONAL POWER OF EXPRESSION QUALITIES The THROAT chakra is in the front and back of the throat area, its tip seats into the third cervical vertebrae. Called the Vishuddhi (pure) chakra, it represents the emotional power of expression. This area is the key to giving and receiving and to speaking our truth. Our actions become

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What is the Sacral Chakra Energy System?

THE SACRAL CHAKRA AND OUR RELATIONSHIPS QUALITIES The SACRAL chakra is located just above the pubic bone on the front and back of the body. Its tip goes into the center of the sacrum. Called the Svadisthana (vital force) chakra, it represents optimism, self-confidence, enthusiasm and courage. The social ray of service to mankind resides here. This area is the

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